Reggie, R-e-g-g-i-e, R-e-g-g-i-e

December 1, 2005

Two things first, let’s get this out of the way. First, I have a lot on my mind, and so this is NOT the most “focused” blog in the world. I could talk politics, tech, sports, … snowboarding, aka, shreddin’. Second, and more importantly … I do not like USC. I’ll say it again, I do not like USC. Moreover, I HATE USC football! Hate, hate, hate!

Now with that out of the way, kudos to Pete Carroll, … a guy I dissed as a NFL reject when he signed on with Troy. But dang if he’s not done a helluva job and seems like he’s having fun doing it. Props to PC. He also was probably the best thing to happen to the Niners “D” back in ’94 … back when the Niners’ glory days were winding down (oh yea, about the same time Eddie D was about to get taken out to the woodshed by the feds for being a mob kinda guy. Darnit Eddie. You coulda been a contenda!)

But I love what U$C has done for the game the last few years, and its certainly not hurt the Pac 10 to have the reigning National Champs pitchin’ their tent here in our beloved Pac 10 division of the NCAA CF world.

Here’s what I’m psyched about … Reggie Bush! Dang! If you’ve not seen this kid play yet, YOU are missing out! Reggie Bush might be the most exciting thing to happen to football in years. I told my wife earlier this season that “you might be watching the next Michael Jordan.” I think Bush carries away the Heisman in a few weeks and deservedly so, though Leinart is a stud QB, and seems like a quality guy.

Let the Reggie watch begin, … when’s the NFL draft, I gotta look it up. I’ve not been so excited about an NFL draft since the Niners took that bozo from Virginia Tech. Who was that guy? Gotta look him up.

Good luck on Saturday Reggie and good luck with bringing home the “Heisman!”


Me and my Unfocused Brain

December 1, 2005

Maybe it’s because I’m throwin’ a few back at Redmond, WA’s (…yea, that’s right “holm’s”, I said Redmond) best hangouts and brew pubs in the Seattle area … the Bayou (i can’t believe I’m forgetting it, Cafe?) … period!  Anyway, I’m A-L-L over the place tonight … here in a super crowded bar, supposed to be working on my “c.v.”, mi “Resume” so I can get a new job in January … but between the stench of the incredible B.O. emanating from the table next to me (I just took a count, its gotta be a Microsoft dorkfest team “morale event”) and the LOUDEST, I mean, T-H-E L-O-U-D-E-S-T woman (who happens to be here with another “ms love in” gathering) I have ever heard in my entire life.  I’m just so fricking amazed she’s not married … what with a mouth like that and all, ouch!

Anyway, got lots I wanna contribute, but its hard to do at the moment … more later.


Zoundry Blogwriter

November 10, 2005

Ok, well I’m about to give up for the time being on how to config the Zoundry blogwriter for WordPress. Maybe I’m firewalled or something. Anyway, I want to use the best blogwriter, so any suggestions, surely appreciated.


Bill “Leak” Gates + Plamegate = connect the dots

November 9, 2005

Ok, I’m lightin’ this sucker. After fits and starts with blogging due to my schizophrenic perfectionism that generates a lot of “nothingness” I’m startin’ again here on WordPress. More on WP later, but so far so good.

The “secret” Microsoft executive memo “leak” was executed spectacularly by Wagged and MSFT yesterday. Kinda funny that some folks had their “feelings hurt” because they were not privvy to the exec memo prior to reading about it in the blogosphere. That said, I wanted to ascertain from one of my PR friends here (guess?) what he thought about circulating claims that this was a tactical leak by BillG, et al. His response, rather interesting:

“Whether it’s a strategy or a tactic, it no doubt was a plant. This is a way for the company to drum up a unique PR angle for the press. It takes the reader inside the company to see how the company is communicating with itself. It serves as “proof? that this is a major endeavor, not just PR. It serves the press juicy statements they can pick from the sound bite tree.

We talk about creating and leaking memos …”

Ok, you’re going to have to use your imagination for the rest of that tidbit.

Anyway, so with all this “buzz” in the ‘sphere about the secret memos that were clearly designed to not be secret, it got me thinking about one of my most mind hogging issues: Plamegate. Leaks are done with intention. Much as I suspected the Gates/Ozzie leak, so are most leaks if not all. More on this later, but let’s get one thing straight, it’s no accident that you all read about the secret Microsoft Memos this week, just like you were told by Dick Cheney, doh, I mean I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, doh, I mean Robert Novak that Valerie Plame was a covert CIA operative.

Where there’s a story, … there’s a message, and it’s intentional.